Game of Thrones Fans Be Like

5. maj. 2019
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Game of Thrones Fans Be Like

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    loveliveserveloveliveservePred letom
    • I was clicking your video and guess what.. the game of thrones popped up

      Adriana JohnsonAdriana JohnsonPred letom
    • Whos the girl

      Bandj PROSBandj PROSPred letom
    • loveliveserve iiiuu

    • May 25th is my bday😂

      Kaitlyn HenryKaitlyn HenryPred letom
    • Come to parkland Florida pleaseeee

      JaredJaredPred letom
  • 100% ME

    cheetah zcheetah zPred 2 meseci
  • i recently watched all of got and can confirm this is super accurate😹😹😹

    11Pred 2 meseci
  • Who else watching after u met them

    PBC JayPBC JayPred 5 meseci
  • My sister is like sush!!!!!! I m watching

    Chipili MwimbaChipili MwimbaPred 8 meseci

    Denny JoyaDenny JoyaPred 10 meseci
  • "A boy has No Name" Meee 😂😂😂

    Trip ApolloTrip ApolloPred 10 meseci
  • Now this is how we are ...🤨😟☹️🥺😩😫😤😠😡🤬

    Niixz PKNiixz PKPred 11 meseci
  • My man jora never got to smash im dead lmao..

    Mehdi DifMehdi DifPred letom
  • 😂😂

    MJMJPred letom
  • I never even seen *one* episode

    Izzy hereIzzy herePred letom
  • This accurately funny

    Mj JMj JPred letom
  • 👍👍

    Lauren-Kate KushLauren-Kate KushPred letom
  • on god that is me

    cheese Greens-cheese Greens-Pred letom
  • I just found this channel this week and im addicted, you guys are amazing🔥🔥, @Rhino_ look like @Jonvlogs.

    Denilson GandeDenilson GandePred letom
  • who is the girl

    Fallen DevonishFallen DevonishPred letom
  • rip GOT

    Makaveli -Makaveli -Pred letom
  • Ashley fine no cap

    kimani bholakimani bholaPred letom
  • Do marvel fans be like

    Star gamer 500Star gamer 500Pred letom
  • Yeah my favorite character died ladykhalessi

    Lil PhilLil PhilPred letom
  • The Game of Thrones inrush may not like idiot

    Lil PhilLil PhilPred letom
  • 0:58

    rachelrachelPred letom
  • This sounds like me watching fresh prince of bel air

    The art AttackThe art AttackPred letom
  • Lol at first, I thought all these people were in the same room haha

    Good VibesGood VibesPred letom
  • Nice guppy’s In the back, but there tank is to small, I would suggest a 10 gallon.

    Ryan HopRyan HopPred letom
  • fig newton

    joey davisjoey davisPred letom
  • 2:08 I felt that

    DarwinDarwinPred letom
  • Who is the girl

  • This is me!😂😂😂

    Marvel CentralMarvel CentralPred letom
  • "My man Jorah never got to smash" 😂

    Wilbert DeoleoWilbert DeoleoPred letom
  • wish i could come live in a country far far away.

  • We do be like that tho

    REBORN!REBORN!Pred letom
  • i belong the very small percentage of the people who didnt even watched a single got episode

    hari vyshnaveenadhhari vyshnaveenadhPred letom
  • Can you come to Virginia

    Olivia JohnsonOlivia JohnsonPred letom
  • That was fucking amazing

    Shimadapotato GShimadapotato GPred letom
  • I bet alot of game of thrones fans watched this

    GotentxGotentxPred letom
  • All these comments and not one about the best parts of the video: 1:28 and 2:12

    big c's big brotherbig c's big brotherPred letom
  • you know got's power and hype when you literally understood every single reference without watching one episode. wow

    Zeneb Al SalemZeneb Al SalemPred letom
  • There’s no way Ryan hit those 🥵😍

    RetroAlex23RetroAlex23Pred letom
  • Who else didn’t understand anything 😂

    Angel PorcayoAngel PorcayoPred letom
  • I watch the show and I’ve said most of them lol W

    AnthonyAnthonyPred letom
  • Mood as fuck 😂

    svkbwsvkbwPred letom
  • That thumbnail cracked me😂😂😂

    Bertram KrebsBertram KrebsPred letom
  • Awwww i live in stockton cali

    Leila_meepLeila_meepPred letom
  • Literally loveliveserve are the best you tubers

    Lil Kid KayLil Kid KayPred letom
  • Fun fact I never seem game of throns

    ElecningElecningPred letom
  • So hot

    Grace MontanaroGrace MontanaroPred letom
  • LITERALLY!!! LOLL Summed up like 8 years of Game of Thrones in 4 minutes!!

    EruditeEruditePred letom
  • Well... this spoiled pretty much, thanks

    NibNibPred letom
  • You got Ashley in the cover but where is she🤤❤️

    Brian GuardadoBrian GuardadoPred letom
  • Rino and Noah goats

    Jordan IngramJordan IngramPred letom
  • FCPorto 👌👌👌

    Joao SilvaJoao SilvaPred letom
  • Loveliveservecon

    ray day 3ray day 3Pred letom
  • fuck yeah dude. dracarys.

    Ky AdamsKy AdamsPred letom
  • FC PORTO 💙💙

    Sofia AlmeidaSofia AlmeidaPred letom
  • Dat preme hoodie is HEEEEEAAAAT🔥

    The Wholesome CactusThe Wholesome CactusPred letom
  • Y’all forgot the most important one 😹 “you know nothing jon snow”

    The GhostThe GhostPred letom
  • Do *types of Movie Spoilers*

    CypherCypherPred letom
  • King of Prussia mall!? I live so close. Finally

    Amanda KAmanda KPred letom
  • "are we really not going to adress he is smashing his aunt" i was legit sayin that for so long

    Frozen FangFrozen FangPred letom
  • my birthday is May 25

    Edward DonyeEdward DonyePred letom
  • Love this 😂

    Chloe McFarlandChloe McFarlandPred letom
  • *Accurate enough* 🙂

    NyomiNyomiPred letom
  • Okay dang I’ll watch it! Are you happy now world?

    Sullay D. ManSullay D. ManPred letom
  • how the fuck ya always hookin with em baddie baddies

    Lavar BallLavar BallPred letom
  • SLworlds just now showed me this vid btw

    MrTacticoolMrTacticoolPred letom
  • It's so true lol

    Sam NaseriSam NaseriPred letom
  • Who that girl in my your videos she is gorgeous

    EsneezeyEsneezeyPred letom
    • ashley_goyette

      Raymond LiRaymond LiPred letom
  • My last day at school is May 24...hmmm...thats a good end of the year gift...I will mAke iT!"why did everyone get their ducks cut off?" Ha

    braceface_ kenbraceface_ kenPred letom

    julian kriegerjulian kriegerPred letom
  • Lol so true 😂😂😂

    protopic 1protopic 1Pred letom
  • XD

    protopic 1protopic 1Pred letom
  • GOT is awesome

    KałaikønaKałaikønaPred letom
  • fuckboys be like

  • Porto rhinos shirt

    Tatiana CardosoTatiana CardosoPred letom
  • 😂😂😂😂

    Charlie ScottiCharlie ScottiPred letom

    JohnJohnPred letom
  • Plaese like this comment

    Keith TanKeith TanPred letom
  • Porto jersey, yeah Portugal in the building🇵🇹🇵🇹

    João Almeida MendesJoão Almeida MendesPred letom
  • 3:30 that's me lol

    RAPHÆL nfeRAPHÆL nfePred letom
  • Only 6 episode 😢😢

    RAPHÆL nfeRAPHÆL nfePred letom
  • no comment ●_●

    Mad JesterMad JesterPred letom
  • Y’all should do what Stranger Things fans be like

    Elite_ awso23Elite_ awso23Pred letom
  • cdg slap

    o3ruo3ruPred letom
  • Who's the girl in the thumbnail?

    Baby gravyBaby gravyPred letom
  • can you do another meet up because i wanna go to the meet up but i cant make the one on the 25th

    TMSx_TRIB3Z YTTMSx_TRIB3Z YTPred letom
  • Class with DaBaby

    jordan baileyjordan baileyPred letom
  • I feel like I'm hearing 2 people talk on and on

    Sophia WatsonSophia WatsonPred letom
  • You should do riverdale fans be like

    MikeTheManMikeTheManPred letom
  • brilliant

    Rhythmic ReflectionsRhythmic ReflectionsPred letom
  • Ran into this dude down north philly we was going to run up on him put he had cops with him smh

    Beastmode beastmodeBeastmode beastmodePred letom
  • yoo wtfc my birthdays on 24 why can’t it be close to cali

    VexiathVexiathPred letom
  • Literally me 3:47

    jdnwtfjdnwtfPred letom
  • Comme Des Garcons x Supreme hoodie

    Brendin MollmanBrendin MollmanPred letom
  • I love the way, how they do all those hand motions

    JustDrakoJustDrakoPred letom
  • Never seen GOT's

    Cesar GuzmanCesar GuzmanPred letom
  • As a hardcore GOT fan, this was accurate as fuck, all of it 😂

    Mohammad AymanMohammad AymanPred letom
  • I want to check out Game of Thrones after watching this. Must be good. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    AlantéAlantéPred letom
    • Do it!

      Jesus CarrilloJesus CarrilloPred letom
  • Dam who is that girl though 😍

    Brandon HBrandon HPred letom
  • Never watched game of thrones lol. :D

    PhronPhronPred letom