How Cdot Honcho Records His Songs

11. maj. 2019
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How Cdot Honcho Records His Songs

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    loveliveserveloveliveservePred letom
    • Comethazine

      Tillman PizzaTillman PizzaPred letom
    • Lilbootycall,rich the kid, comethazine, egovert

      Patrick VilledaPatrick VilledaPred letom
    • loveliveserve Please do playboi carti -kid cudi next for real tho

      Grace CliffGrace CliffPred letom
    • Ynw melly😂

      Maruf MiahMaruf MiahPred letom
    • Notta rapper but Bruno Mars

      Laetly latelyLaetly latelyPred letom
  • If you fucked with cdot from the beginning you know what he saying

    TyreseZionTyreseZionPred mesecem
  • What was the freestyle song called

    Young poodie WopYoung poodie WopPred 3 meseci
  • Ayeeeeee😂😂😂😂😂

    sinnosantanasinnosantanaPred 3 meseci
  • Everyone go watch my how 50 cent be in the studio skit on my channel🙏🏾

    TheOriginalBryce TvTheOriginalBryce TvPred 5 meseci
  • Dead ass I don’t understand becuase cant here the freestyle but that shit go HARD😂

    cristian floriancristian florianPred 6 meseci
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 cdot huncho got a language of his own🤣🤣

  • Cdot huncho hella underrated it's sad I been fuckin with him for years

  • I’m still shocked to this day about how how my favorite rapper this is SOOO UNDER RATTED Made it up hear

    Lightningkid 04Lightningkid 04Pred 7 meseci
  • When he turns the beat off he sounds like a Turkey lmfaoooo

    zxo_0zxo_0Pred 8 meseci
  • Who the fuck is hunco

    Young BreezyYoung BreezyPred 8 meseci
  • 2:18 AND 3:31 had me dead

    Lil LioxLil LioxPred 8 meseci
  • I understand everything he be saying doe

    Camm 2LiveCamm 2LivePred 9 meseci
  • Yall boys tweaked,this nigga CDot raps perfectly fine,he has nasal problems and Asthma.So when he speaks it sounds funny.

    Torrianno WalpoolTorrianno WalpoolPred 10 meseci
  • Do scarlxrd

    alief_swhtx guzman 713alief_swhtx guzman 713Pred 10 meseci
  • I understand everything he saying 😂

    Bandman GuwupBandman GuwupPred 10 meseci
  • yo that kid need to blow his nose like he sound like his nose is stuffed

    Z8EZ8EPred 10 meseci
  • 1:26 By The Way 2:50 Sadity feat. Chief Keef 4:48 Still A Takeover

    PaulPaulPred 11 meseci
  • his song seem so short tho but they be 2-3 minutes long😂

    Simp TTVSimp TTVPred 11 meseci
  • Yall just put it on slow 🤦🏾‍♂️

    ATK .17ATK .17Pred letom
  • It’s actually not pronounced C-dot. It’s C.D.O.T for some reason

    PurgPurgPred letom
  • Gaga haha i love this

    heaven starsheaven starsPred letom
  • C D O T not Cee dot

    B PowellB PowellPred letom
  • Cdot actually pronounces his words damn good for how many bars he has and how fast he raps

    SeeDubsSeeDubsPred letom

    EDMUND Is The BrandEDMUND Is The BrandPred letom
  • He trash

    SANDRA McculloughSANDRA McculloughPred letom
  • All his songs are a minute bull shit there mostly 3mins wtf is this

    Joel RobinsonJoel RobinsonPred letom
  • Mans was rapping in Minecraft enchantment language🤣🤣🤣

    Ajx UnkownAjx UnkownPred letom
  • You should do another types of wrappers

    snookiaiaisnookiaiaiPred letom
  • His music is fire

    MattyFishes _MattyFishes _Pred letom
  • This nigga had a notebook in his jacket

    Semaj BallardSemaj BallardPred letom
  • I can listen to the lyrics so clearly 💀💀💀💀

    WoWWoWPred letom

    CatBear.NightcoreCatBear.NightcorePred letom
  • 2:18 “akabakabakobawoba” best part😂 3:15 I swear that’s my 2nd grade hand writing😭😭

    NoFade JayNoFade JayPred letom
  • That sounds luke slim Jesus and jaden Smith

    Jackie ChuJackie ChuPred letom
  • I can hear what he saying lmbo

    _DrxpyNxCxpツ_DrxpyNxCxpツPred letom
  • Y’all dumb asf ...he lyrical asf ..juss not really listenin to wha he sayin ..Goof ass youtubers

    Kallen IngramKallen IngramPred letom
  • I love you so much better than a year earlier to be a great day for

    Zamya StrawderZamya StrawderPred letom
  • It’s so easy to understand him

    Xtendo DeeXtendo DeePred letom
  • yo it sounds like he has a cold or sum

    gregory munitsgregory munitsPred letom
  • He just says words together like there one.😔

    Kyneiq Garner :3Kyneiq Garner :3Pred letom
  • Lmao he sound like he sick

    WayneZoidWayneZoidPred letom
  • Glad I watched till end I thought this was dissing cdot

    Tyler RiggTyler RiggPred letom
  • I like CDot's music I'd just say that his voice sounds like he rapping like he has a cold but I like because it sounds different

    howardside90howardside90Pred letom
  • But honcho better ghan yall by a mile lol

  • Anyone else turn on captions?

    TreeMcNuggetsTreeMcNuggetsPred letom
  • Tuffy swimmin tho he so wavy

    ItsNotAmari_ItsNotAmari_Pred letom
  • 0:10 when your watching porn with the volume up and your mom hears it

    ItsNotAmari_ItsNotAmari_Pred letom
  • Please do playboi carti -kid cudi next for real tho

    Grace CliffGrace CliffPred letom
  • When does the English version come out 😷

    SaykmanSaykmanPred letom
  • C dot Honcho's birthday is Jan 18 same as mine. Anyone else?

    SaykmanSaykmanPred letom
  • Imagine him going into ingenious

    James JohonJames JohonPred letom
  • Pull up on the block and I bleed it

    Clans VenomxClans VenomxPred letom
  • That's because he doesn't have an exact NA gangin accint .It sounds more delicate as he was rapping

    DIY beastDIY beastPred letom
  • How NBA Youngboy made his songs

    DIY beastDIY beastPred letom
  • Can you do a how did 21 savage record a lot

    Ruaa 1234Ruaa 1234Pred letom
  • That freestyle was hard😎😎🔥🔥 like gosh that is relly fire🔥🔥🔥and what the frek did you say tho??? and how did you say💬💬 all that so fast???😮😮

    April StallingApril StallingPred letom
  • Do none of your love By-lil tjay

    ToxicToxicPred letom
  • You should do one on NLE Choppa

    EfonEfonPred letom
  • You should do lil Tecca Ransom

  • Cdot honcho: scavedhsvehzveehdfbfiifdjrdaggefj

    Prod. J slimesProd. J slimesPred letom
  • Do xxxtention

    Christian DelawderChristian DelawderPred letom

    George MakanGeorge MakanPred letom
  • Whole Time I really understood everything he was saying in that second song maybe it’s cause I actually listen to I’m though

    Misfit MeMisfit MePred letom
  • You understand everything. Cdot hella fire.

    Living MemeLiving MemePred letom
  • Too funny 💯 accurate 😂

    Kevin LeeKevin LeePred letom
  • He is Nøkk

    AnasAnasPred letom
  • That 1st song was hard

    AK_ XDAK_ XDPred letom
  • The second part I can’t understand but the others I do

    WimpyWimpyPred letom
  • Atleast he dont mumble

    beast master64beast master64Pred letom
  • Tuffi reaction is so funny 😂😂😂😂

    Tryhard 4897Tryhard 4897Pred letom
  • Finally he’s noticed man ty

    Joshua JenkinsJoshua JenkinsPred letom
  • Why does noah's style in this video remind me of finesse?

    Laetly latelyLaetly latelyPred letom
  • U should do Billie eilish next

    Jocelyn TorresJocelyn TorresPred letom
  • I’m laughing at whoever doubted me Ben franklins kickin around me

    OgCookiesCuhOgCookiesCuhPred letom
  • Never realized how much he mumbles

    Flaco GotHoesFlaco GotHoesPred letom
  • Listen to 0.75 you can understand him much more

    - Sillver66 -- Sillver66 -Pred letom
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Dolo GabeDolo GabePred letom
  • Honcho honcho honcho 🤩

    Lil GanzoLil GanzoPred letom
  • He’s speaking a foreign language

    Bob IlBob IlPred letom
  • Lmao y’all tried cdot 😂😂😂🙄😂

    saad alstonsaad alstonPred letom
  • It does go hard my guy

    Lillex716Lillex716Pred letom
  • Challenge:Stare at Tuffy the whole video. Not in a weird way

    Xtra XplosionXtra XplosionPred letom
  • Noah:Good Notes Tuffy's face tho By the way Finally Cdot Honcho getting attention he fire tho

    Xtra XplosionXtra XplosionPred letom
  • C-d-o-t

    Dior ツDior ツPred letom
  • 2:19

    TheDiamondBow //TLBTheDiamondBow //TLBPred letom
  • i’m holding the light you already know what it is

    Soren #37Soren #37Pred letom
  • Who the heck is Cdot Honcho?

    Meta TradeMeta TradePred letom
  • Yeah , aight

    JaydinK BrownJaydinK BrownPred letom
  • Tuffi said you have to bypass the system 😂😂

    Jaedens WrldJaedens WrldPred letom
  • This is b.s honcho is one of the best rappers from Chicago y'all don't know what u talking bout

    HB recordsHB recordsPred letom
    • It's just a parody don't fucking cry over it

      Slick BeatsSlick BeatsPred letom
  • He rappin in I T A L I C S

    sleepyxsleepyxPred letom
  • Cdot be gettin the revenue cause his songs are't demonitzed

    Famous CrypFamous CrypPred letom
  • I understand every song but good vid tho

    SlimFoSlimFoPred letom
  • you guys should and do a how they recorded "The London " by travis cole and thugger

    Jay GoonieJay GooniePred letom
  • do an how xxxtentacion recorded his songs

    Jaylen BroomfieldJaylen BroomfieldPred letom
  • Didnt use ”first off” Im disappointed

    lil ear-destructionlil ear-destructionPred letom
  • Can anybody tell me the name of the last song that was played????

    drizzy dredrizzy drePred letom
  • Cdot honcho some shit dawg

    Frantz !Frantz !Pred letom
  • rhino had me dying after the beat stopped

    MrK3L0MrK3L0Pred letom