When the voice doesn't match the rapper

10. feb. 2020
5 103 972 Ogledi

Song used: 645AR - 4 DA TRAP
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When the voice doesn't match the rapper

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    loveliveserveloveliveservePred 8 meseci
    • Snitch 9ine

      Rexzel MarananRexzel MarananPred 14 dnevi
    • One of the last

      Just SasaJust SasaPred 23 dnevi
    • @Deka Break aa

      THE TRUTH 100THE TRUTH 100Pred mesecem
    • @indian pablo aaaaaaaaaaaa

      THE TRUTH 100THE TRUTH 100Pred mesecem
    • @SRG Gaming aa

      THE TRUTH 100THE TRUTH 100Pred mesecem
  • 645AR 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Shad EmnasShad EmnasPred 4 urami
  • I thought that was tee grizz at first

    Grem [:Grem [:Pred 17 urami
  • the future of hip hop

    Kurt YoungKurt YoungPred 18 urami
  • yall niggas must not know that pacman a real sixty crip.

    MasMasPred 20 urami
  • he did the whole song in one take, what a legend!

    T81T81Pred dnevom
  • 3:04 thank me later

  • nipsey hussle

    Sara HayesSara HayesPred dnevom
  • who else wanna know whats wrong with this man hair line

    Irae HendersonIrae HendersonPred dnevom
  • 😁😁😁😁😁😓😴😴😴

    Ezra GouveiaEzra GouveiaPred dnevom
  • Rip Nipsey

    6l0Cc 6a6y6l0Cc 6a6yPred dnevom
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 up

    Curtis McdanielCurtis McdanielPred 2 dnevi
  • 645AR😂😂😂😂 he gonna be mad

    idhit puri 15idhit puri 15Pred 2 dnevi
  • Rod wave brother

    Damon HowellDamon HowellPred 2 dnevi
  • whats that song at the end called?

    Pacific Shadow XDPacific Shadow XDPred 2 dnevi
  • whats that song called

    Kendra BernhardtKendra BernhardtPred 2 dnevi
  • Who actually did what they said to do✋🖐️

    the real noobthe real noobPred 3 dnevi
  • nobody: noah: asks any questions pac man: 👁👄👁

    Jesus ChristJesus ChristPred 3 dnevi
  • What is he even saying?

    NarutoRunning ForDaysNarutoRunning ForDaysPred 3 dnevi
  • What the name of this song

    thomas ferrallthomas ferrallPred 5 dnevi
  • 🙀😏😅😂😂

    Lotto PaulLotto PaulPred 5 dnevi
  • Eteeeeeee Sechhhh

    Jonathan QuizhpiJonathan QuizhpiPred 8 dnevi
    • Justo estaba pensando en eso😂😂

      Peanut *RG4L*Peanut *RG4L*Pred 5 dnevi
  • Aqui con mi compa el Sech #iykyk

    Jonathan QuizhpiJonathan QuizhpiPred 8 dnevi
  • Wata back is det

    Idith DimieIdith DimiePred 8 dnevi
  • iM DEAD KILL ME😭😭😭😭

    Fredo2xfan SSHFredo2xfan SSHPred 9 dnevi
  • playboi carti be like...

    OwenOwenPred 9 dnevi
  • this rapper's voice makes playboi carti's baby voice sound deep compared to it

    OwenOwenPred 9 dnevi
  • Rod wave

  • Wats the name of the beat 🔥

    Junior MandazaJunior MandazaPred 11 dnevi
  • You guys are so rude

    gamer berggfggamer berggfgPred 11 dnevi
  • Is this real? This is HILARIOUS

    Jacob ThompsonJacob ThompsonPred 11 dnevi
  • ???

    Jacob ThompsonJacob ThompsonPred 11 dnevi
  • When you singing a rap song from like nle or polo or pacman the gun man XD and u didn't expect it: aka rino and Noah's faces

    Noah VCNoah VCPred 12 dnevi
  • When your trying to do the high parts of charlie puth:

    Noah VCNoah VCPred 12 dnevi
  • That rap was kinda dope

    Gabriel Capetillo1Gabriel Capetillo1Pred 12 dnevi
  • Does he kinda look like rod wave

    Gabriel Capetillo1Gabriel Capetillo1Pred 12 dnevi
  • This has to be the funniest Channel on SLworlds 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    TrickbeatsTrickbeatsPred 12 dnevi
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Elster BrustovskiElster BrustovskiPred 13 dnevi
  • All money in play ball 🔥🔥

    andrew carrilloandrew carrilloPred 14 dnevi
  • He be spitting tho 😤😤😤👌👌🔥🔥🔥

    SIMPLE YTSIMPLE YTPred 15 dnevi
  • That was kinda fire 🔥🔥🔥

    Carlos BanksCarlos BanksPred 15 dnevi
  • 5 year old rap back then

    swizzy 1894swizzy 1894Pred 15 dnevi
  • The dude sounds like a mouse rapping 🤣🤣😂😂

    swizzy 1894swizzy 1894Pred 15 dnevi
  • What was he saying

    Affordable CreditAffordable CreditPred 16 dnevi
  • fat verison of tee grizzy

    Brycen EdmondBrycen EdmondPred 16 dnevi
    • jk

      Brycen EdmondBrycen EdmondPred 16 dnevi
  • 🤣😂😂😅😂😂🤣😂😅😅😂😂🤣😂😂😅😂🤣🤣😂😂😅😂🤣🤣😂😅😂😀😃😄😁😆😁😄😃😀

    Angelo GogginsAngelo GogginsPred 17 dnevi
  • He sound like a baby

    Keliyah ByrdKeliyah ByrdPred 17 dnevi
  • Me: my ffff*cking ears!! Mosquitos: brings out guns and drugs

    Eashaan JeerEashaan JeerPred 18 dnevi
  • Is this 645ar song?

    Destin LindseyDestin LindseyPred 18 dnevi
  • 643ar

    Jaycob HernandezJaycob HernandezPred 18 dnevi
  • This video cracked me up

    kuevokuevoPred 18 dnevi
  • That’s lit

    Jace baileyJace baileyPred 19 dnevi
  • Smsmsmsmeeneneem is what he sounded like

    PoloPoloPred 19 dnevi
  • When a year 7 has an adults body

    yung gunna_M72yung gunna_M72Pred 19 dnevi
  • Your write who even is Pac-Man the gun man?!

    Legendary Gamer _CraigLegendary Gamer _CraigPred 19 dnevi
  • whea yoshi tries to make a rap career

    Abel HalkettAbel HalkettPred 19 dnevi
  • 😂😂😂

    YvNg ReDdYvNg ReDdPred 19 dnevi
  • I love this rapper his music is so good

    Brandon WhiteBrandon WhitePred 19 dnevi
  • honestly his rap name should be lil puffball

    Colin NormanColin NormanPred 20 dnevi
  • Rosetta Stone headass

    Depressed HaroldDepressed HaroldPred 20 dnevi
  • The man who is friend with nipsey hussle

    NemesisNemesisPred 20 dnevi
  • 😄😄

    Al BrownAl BrownPred 20 dnevi
  • Anyone notice that rhino predicted coronavirus

    Elder GordilloElder GordilloPred 22 dnevi
  • What's the point of getting tattoos when you that black?

    Matt RiveraMatt RiveraPred 22 dnevi
  • chill i am dead

    Tyler ParkerTyler ParkerPred 22 dnevi
  • 3:50 Look at this professional mouth

    Young AkonYoung AkonPred 22 dnevi
  • that beat was fire and they was jamin then the chip munkes came

    Student Dylan NicholsStudent Dylan NicholsPred 22 dnevi
  • The black dude won’t talk!!!

    Casanova RomanCasanova RomanPred 22 dnevi
  • Anybody know the name of this song?

    Devin TylerDevin TylerPred 22 dnevi
  • i wanna see 6IX9INE

    Jay MillerJay MillerPred 22 dnevi
  • hahaha he sounded like a mouse hahaha

    Katence HightowerKatence HightowerPred 22 dnevi
  • Everybody gansta till Mickey starts rapping

    Jakai HinesJakai HinesPred 22 dnevi
  • 😂

    Tremain WilliamsTremain WilliamsPred 23 dnevi
  • He’s real I looked him up

    Katisha RushKatisha RushPred 23 dnevi
  • That's a voice chanceer

    K’s WorldK’s WorldPred 23 dnevi
  • 3:04 he was big

    football master football hiterfootball master football hiterPred 23 dnevi
  • Beat go hard tho

    Ayden DavisAyden DavisPred 24 dnevi
  • am i the only one who thinks that this song is fire??

    themuffinguythemuffinguyPred 24 dnevi
  • Hes weird

    DrillzKiddDrillzKiddPred 24 dnevi
  • Imagine someone comment if you're way watching this in 2020 you're a legend

    100k subs before i die100k subs before i diePred 25 dnevi
  • This is from lennar young

    Gamingwithhokageking Farr areGamingwithhokageking Farr arePred 25 dnevi
  • When he said gulp

    Rijaqueen 09Rijaqueen 09Pred 25 dnevi
  • mice after hotboxing the attic

    John MarstonJohn MarstonPred 25 dnevi
  • Lil Bibby

    Rocket BoyRocket BoyPred 25 dnevi
  • Am I the only that scratched my ear😂😂

    Danielle TaylorDanielle TaylorPred 25 dnevi
  • p78 u6rt5i 97697 96r9598

    AwabAwabPred 26 dnevi
  • 645ar

    MozziMozziPred 27 dnevi
  • mi compa el sech

    arturo fanjonarturo fanjonPred 27 dnevi
  • An animal crossing character rapping:

    Oliver KIELAROliver KIELARPred 27 dnevi
  • this exactly like ski and post

    Omar Al MachayekhOmar Al MachayekhPred 28 dnevi
  • Gangster mouses be like

    CashCowCashCowPred 28 dnevi
  • Ants doing crip walk when this plays

    Lil Clip U BrØLil Clip U BrØPred 28 dnevi
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    Olwam LoyisoOlwam LoyisoPred 28 dnevi
  • Ayo

    Olwam LoyisoOlwam LoyisoPred 28 dnevi
  • Song name?

    LegoLoverLegoLoverPred 29 dnevi
    • I think it’s named yoga but I know for sure it’s from 645AR

      luka claeysluka claeysPred 28 dnevi
  • I wonder how many people actually put there fingers in there ear

    Gost SkateboardingGost SkateboardingPred 29 dnevi
  • Play this near ants and I’ll bet the ants will start throwing up gang signs

    qylurqylurPred 29 dnevi
  • if you scratch the inside of your ear it sound like pacman

    20 subs with no vids challenge20 subs with no vids challengePred 29 dnevi
  • To be honest if it was in a deeper voice this song would be fire

    RacerAveRacerAvePred mesecem
  • this so funny can you make a part 2

    Owen HalstiedOwen HalstiedPred mesecem