21. jun. 2019
308 422 Ogledi

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  • Thank you to everyone who came 💙 It was the best day ever. Comment where we should go next! BANGER VIDEOS OTW🔥 WE GOING CRAZY THIS SUMMER 🙌🏼🔥

    loveliveserveloveliveservePred letom
    • CF Champlain mall inn new brunswick

      samisamiPred letom
    • Your the best💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑

      Joyne' JamesJoyne' JamesPred letom
    • Palm Springs

      Dylan DuthalerDylan DuthalerPred letom
    • Texas plzzz

      Brian MendiolaBrian MendiolaPred letom

      kart the kingkart the kingPred letom
  • i would legit go just to hug Julia

    Benjamin FajnkindBenjamin FajnkindPred 2 meseci
  • I always get goosebumps whenever i see this😭😭😁 Wonder when my time will come🤔

    It's Robby BreezeIt's Robby BreezePred 2 meseci
  • Where’s rob!?!?!!?!???!

    David ElgueaDavid ElgueaPred 2 meseci
  • WE LOVE TUFFY !!!!!

    ready4change2015ready4change2015Pred 3 meseci
  • Still cant believe my assistant principal was a body guard for these guys

    Dr. BeansDr. BeansPred 3 meseci
  • I hope you guys can come to Hawaii one day, would love to meet you guys

    셔누셔누Pred 3 meseci
  • 1:07 look how rhino is tryna act like the camera is paparazzi😂😂

    Jayy 323Jayy 323Pred 3 meseci
  • Can you guys come to the Netherlands one day I would probably be the only one because everyone watches Dutch you tubers sooooo I would be fun if I met you guys

    TonicTonicPred 5 meseci
  • I went

    BiggyXxBiggyXxPred 5 meseci
  • Temple Owls represent!!!🦉🦉🦉🦉

    Devin ThekkudanDevin ThekkudanPred 6 meseci

    Mc PenetrançoMc PenetrançoPred 6 meseci
  • They were actually here to see rihno and Noah boat

  • when r u guys doing this again this year

    Henry YeHenry YePred 8 meseci
  • 7:12 I saw that 🤨😏

    Andrik EduardoAndrik EduardoPred 9 meseci
  • U guys should do it in L.A.

    Roley ReyRoley ReyPred 9 meseci
  • Just rewatching this and thinking how great would their reactions be if no one showed up

    dekiclubdekiclubPred 9 meseci
  • Everyone was looking at julia

    Nicholas DorseyNicholas DorseyPred 9 meseci
  • i swear i'm not that dumb, but who's the blond girl with the red top?

    vy phamvy phamPred 10 meseci
  • Porto 💙

    DredzoDredzoPred 11 meseci
  • LLS: We are the most underrated channel on SLworlds All fans at meet-up: Am I Joke To You

    abrahamabrahamPred letom
  • Julia rose hugging all the boys and men lol 😂

    Bu11et PlayzBu11et PlayzPred letom
  • rhino wasnt even worried if he was gonna be poisoned he trust his fans

    SpaceboySpaceboyPred letom
  • They had the whole 9 year old army

  • Yo u should do an Omegle video ud get tons of views

  • U guys cool man

    FLEXFLEXPred letom

    Daniel TeixeiraDaniel TeixeiraPred letom
  • You guys are dipe.. deserve it

    Kevin GraylingKevin GraylingPred letom
  • That kid hitting the woah with the akatski sweatshirt🤣

    Jaela FairJaela FairPred letom
  • 2:45 lucky kid

    Just GeorgeJust GeorgePred letom
  • Why the FC PORTO shirt instead of a Benfica one?😅

    David RibeiroDavid RibeiroPred letom
  • the chad at 4:29 bruh

    Liam DonnellyLiam DonnellyPred letom
  • Anyone else noticing rhino’s outfit changes in these clips 🤔 from the red one to white and blue one

    lil alcolil alcoPred letom
  • I hope California tortilla paid for some promo with their logo inthe back 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Lauren-Kate KushLauren-Kate KushPred letom
  • Wow👍👍

    Lauren-Kate KushLauren-Kate KushPred letom
  • Actually u guys really help people go through their hard times and really keep the good vibes up. I love to watch yall videos when im down, sad or bored so yeah thanks for everything guys. #lls #serversquad

    sangit khadkasangit khadkaPred letom
  • Damn da baby really heat the block.

    sangit khadkasangit khadkaPred letom
  • Y’all are blessed 🙏🏾

    ybn _drxpybn _drxpPred letom
  • Imagine all there subscription came

    JAY JAYJAY JAYPred letom
  • My friend got 3k subscription my friends that popular x 3 because there was 1000 people there 😵 that shows how popular lls is imaging half there subscribers went

    JAY JAYJAY JAYPred letom
  • 2:30

    Truly_chippyTruly_chippyPred letom
  • i would have an actual panic attack

    ashley mendez floresashley mendez floresPred letom
  • I was there!!! I'm so happy I met you!!! Your my Favorite SLworldsr!!!!!

    ImTheDripGodImTheDripGodPred letom
  • 2:20 boy don’t flex fakes

    Kim Witha GKim Witha GPred letom
  • I would go but I cant

    epic gamerepic gamerPred letom
  • We are the kids a gray and blue shirt at 4:44

    PBC JayPBC JayPred letom
  • Yo the dude in the thumbnail cut in front of us

    PBC JayPBC JayPred letom
  • I had to work this day and i was literally down the hall 😭

    Calmonie GuilfordCalmonie GuilfordPred letom
  • That's really sad that you have 4.8M subs and 4.8M subs didn't come what a shame

    dbevans1328😀dbevans1328😀Pred letom
  • What is the song in the beginning?

    Bobby BuilderBobby BuilderPred letom
  • Why did Ryan change shirts? 5:25

    AmiraAmiraPred letom
  • 0:08 Ayyy that’s my bro, we go to the same school

    あなたは私に近づく?ああ、あなたは私に近づく?ああ、Pred letom
  • Bruh is thats fuckin fanny pack

    Zilch71Zilch71Pred letom
  • What's the song at 11:14

    Panda DreamsPanda DreamsPred letom
  • What's the song at 11:12

    Panda DreamsPanda DreamsPred letom
  • I wish I was there because I don't live that far away from Maryland. I like your guys SLworlds channel and videos. Great Content

    King DrakeKing DrakePred letom
  • Dude aren’t some of these kids a little too young to watch liveloveserve 😂

    FunFactsForYTFunFactsForYTPred letom
    • Ikr lol 😭😭😭😭😭

      Telulla TulipTelulla TulipPred letom
    • Exactly what I was thinking like I saw some 7 year olds there 😂

      Sonic is very unhappy with you and your choicesSonic is very unhappy with you and your choicesPred letom
  • I loved being there it was like the best day if my life keep on going!! 😆

    iiAestxchic AstrologyiiAestxchic AstrologyPred letom
  • Oh my god you already know he's gay when he does the orange justice dance in the middle of the meet and greet

    Grey Zackiel PrestozaGrey Zackiel PrestozaPred letom
    • XD

      Sonic is very unhappy with you and your choicesSonic is very unhappy with you and your choicesPred letom
  • I like fortnite but when little kids do the dances I cringe so hard.

    vYouGotBodiedvvYouGotBodiedvPred letom
  • 2:05 "i thought it was a dream rl quick" *SPEECH 100*

    YxngDavidYxngDavidPred letom
  • I wish I could’ve went🥺😩💗

    Aubrey AAubrey APred letom
  • Porto Jersey 👌

    Daniel GDaniel GPred letom
  • I was with u guy from day 1

    prissyprissyPred letom
  • It was LIT

    Notorious JuanNotorious JuanPred letom
  • Can I meet you guys I live in md North Potomac

    Julien Tanen-JimenezJulien Tanen-JimenezPred letom
  • underrated BTW

    ExecutionerExecutionerPred letom
  • Why didn’t Timothy come too

    Zane SudduthZane SudduthPred letom
  • All I see is kids lol😂

    Irvin UriosteIrvin UriostePred letom
  • Hey I know I’m late on this but ...... does loveliveserve have 4 people in it now ? I just knew rhino and noah, who those other two ?

    Trey MalikeTrey MalikePred letom
  • Let’s be honest everybody what’s there for Rhino and Noah only lol

    Brian HernandezBrian HernandezPred letom
  • Where are all the older teens at? So many children Oh now i see the older people towards the end of the video

    dead ripdead ripPred letom

    Marcelo Rebelo De SousaMarcelo Rebelo De SousaPred letom
  • I'm so irrelevant 😪💔 I get ignored never get a like or response but I still love them

    Best BrosBest BrosPred letom
  • 8:23 lls 12 year old army

    CDN BlazeCDN BlazePred letom
  • Where was the meet up at?

    Thomas NguyenThomas NguyenPred letom
  • Wy tf do u have a Porto shirt btw lol

    Filluminati7Filluminati7Pred letom
  • peep the kids at 7:20

    Lorik NeziriLorik NeziriPred letom
  • Love live serve fans: 60% people that try to be cool 40% real fans that are theresleves

    Brian MendiolaBrian MendiolaPred letom
  • So many fake hype beasts

    2k Jxyy2k JxyyPred letom
  • Dude on the thumbnail rocking a FC Porto shirt. Respect. 💙🐉

    xo diogoxo diogoPred letom
  • Lmao Ugly God was filming this

    ZombRexGameZombRexGamePred letom
  • Porto is shit👎👎 Benfica is the best club in the world

    MitoNaÁreaMitoNaÁreaPred letom
  • I’m fucking pissed that Ashley didn’t take many pictures she’s the sexiest of all the gurls 😩😩😩

    KillerKingKillerKingPred letom
  • Hey RHINO did someone offered you a jersey of FC Porto? That club is from my country, Portugal. I know you love soccer jerseys so you must check the jersey of my personal club: "Sporting Clube de Portugal". They are amazing. Love your videos. Bye

    Alexandre MarquesAlexandre MarquesPred letom
  • Y’all should have like 10 million

    Reverse ClanReverse ClanPred letom
  • i hate Porto benfica is way better

    Esayas Takele’sEsayas Takele’sPred letom
  • loveliveserve really loves their fans❤️

    AmarhiiAmarhiiPred letom
  • They made it 👏👏👏🔥

    Abdirazak AhmedAbdirazak AhmedPred letom
  • Do if nba youngboy was in your class

    MulaababyMulaababyPred letom
  • Yall got fans in south africa by the way yall should come to durban

    Kwaanza ZondoKwaanza ZondoPred letom
  • 7:53 most cringiest moment of my life 😂😂🤣🤣

    vGrxxnTh0sxvGrxxnTh0sxPred letom
  • I was there

    Jeremiah DuncanJeremiah DuncanPred letom
  • Please make your next Meet n Greet at Atlanta, GA.

    kart the kingkart the kingPred letom
  • I have been with loveliveserve from the start before they even hit 1k that's fuckin crazy love you guy keep up the good work

    Danny SeitjuluDanny SeitjuluPred letom
  • Yo if ya do this in NY Moe I'm definitely Poppin up 😂👌🏽💀

    RhandeezyRhandeezyPred letom
  • Yo tuffy should have put his fingers on his head to. Look like da baby

    Max WellMax WellPred letom
  • 💗

    ErecyErecyPred letom
  • I was there.

    Khaiden AmphonephonbKhaiden AmphonephonbPred letom
  • I guess I’m a little older than their target demo 😂

    Adnan AAdnan APred letom