How Justin Bieber Recorded "Yummy"

9. jan. 2020
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How Justin Bieber Recorded "Yummy"

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    • Lmfao

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    • Is it only weird for me that they have a poster of the merrel twins .

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    • Dababy

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  • Better than the real song

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  • Do you eat spaghetti all the time ? 😂😂

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  • Look at the views

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  • Applebee’s is freaking disgusting

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  • Lil baby

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  • Do a reaction of “Holy” from Justin Bieber!!!

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  • I hope this masterpiece doesn't get copyright striked

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  • its true

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  • 3:42 that pic got me...🤣😂🤣😂🤣

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  • Look at the bottom of 3:12

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  • the number was a recording it was cool

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  • All of the people that called the number in the vid 👇

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  • Justin better see this.This is awesome

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  • 0:8 "Yeah, and maybe you could spank me with one of those spatulas" XD

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  • I love how there isn’t even a cord plugged into the mic😂

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  • they should’ve put one of the baby pics jb posted on ig that he captioned yummy for the yummy scenes 😭💀

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  • His acting was AWESOMEEEWW

  • This music videos way better

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  • This a rap song? Really?

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  • How did they make eating cinematic😂?

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  • Who got here from roomies video description

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  • i keep on thinking of this video everytime i hear the song on the radio and cant help but laugh

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  • This is funny how he showed panda Express and he said girl you got that yummy and he was just showing pictures that will actually make you think about how funny it is

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  • Anyone else notices the thing pop up at 3:11??

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  • Teacher: gives me chocolate bar Me: YAH YOU GOT THAT YUMMY YUMMY THE YUMMY YUM

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  • This awesome even irony like Justin bieber

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  • he eat cake he make song???????????? wat

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  • i was just watching bob burgers

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  • The pwrpoint was on point and nicely timed

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  • They should made him say " what's freestyling"

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  • You know it when a person is wearing the drew hoodie is a Justin Bieber fan 😂😂

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  • do roddy rich the he recored the box

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    • They did

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  • How doesn´t it take a copyright?

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  • We're u get the supreme bene I've been looking for one like that

  • How can JB hear the soundtrack in this video if he does not have headphones?

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  • I’m convinced that rhino listens to jb and I’m here for it🥺🥺

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  • this jb song is a banger

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  • Literally thats how he made it xD

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  • 3:45 cuts from a weird image of a baby to a panda logo ... Very strange

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  • Most copyrighted video effer XD

  • I

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  • this is basically "yummy" google images

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  • how drake made the song rite foot up lefed foot slid

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  • Thats the truth thats how justin recorded the song

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  • 4:09 he leaked his phone number

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    • I dare you to start a SLworlds channel and call him

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